LotusFlower160x121Perhaps if you are new to this meditation room, the information in this section will help you a lot. It is recommended to read also all attachment files in this section in the lower part of this page. By reading this section and all the attachment files, you will have more knowledge about:


  • What to install in your PC or MAC
  • How to register to the new web site
  • How to reset login password
  • How to create a user name (user name regulation)
  • How to access a meditation room and a forum
  • What to do before joining a meditation room and during meditation
  • Some tips about room features including new features on personal messsage
  • What to install in your PC or MAC

1. It is recommended to install Mozilla Fire Fox as your web browser because it is smaller, consume less resources and fast. It can be downloaded free of charge at: Other web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Avant, Netscape or Safari are also good to use. For technical redundancy reason, it is recommended to have at least 2 web browsers installed in your PC or MAC.

2. You can also access the meditation room by using chat client module. By using this module you do not need to use any web browser. The access speed is faster. The chat client module installer can be downloaded from Download menu that can only be accessed by a registered user. You need to register first before you can download the installer. Only registered user can use the chat client module to access the meditation room. Previous version of chat client module will not work with the new version of chat software (version 6.9.2 or higher)

3. Since the chat software we use in meditation room is flash-based software (to guarantee cross-platform of operating systems and browsers), to join the room by using web browser, we need to install a flash player. Please download and install a free flash player from your browser at:   Please always upgrade your flash player to the latest version. Usually you will be notified automatically when newer version is available.

From the same site above, you can also download free Acrobat Reader software to read some information files (in pdf format) from our web site.

4. You may need also to install free Open Office program to be able to read the schedule files written in RTF (doc) format and Excel (xls) format. Please choose the software you need to install at:  Some schedule files and tables are now available online but can only be accessed by registered members.

5. Please noted that when you install the flash player for the first time and try to access the web site:  and enter a room for the first time, usually it will take longer time compared to the second time you access the room.


  • How to Enable Cookies in your browser
Enabling cookies in your browser is important for the proper operation of the chat server and registration processes. Cookies is small file exchanged between server and your computer to maintain flow of information. To enable cookies in your browser, depend on the browser you are using:

On Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (also valid for Avant Browser)

Find Tools Menu >  Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced  >  then check  the box for Override automatic cookie handling  > check Prompt for both First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies  > then check Always allow session cookies > click OK  > OK

Quit the browser and open again to make the change take affect.

When you visit our web site, it will prompt to ask if you want to allow cookies from this site. Click Always  then next time you do not have to do this anymore.

2) On Mozilla Fire Fox 2.0.0.x

Usually when it was installed it is automatically set to accept cookies. Otherwise do as follows:

Find Tools Menu >  Options > Privacy > Cookies  check Accept cookies from sites (Keep until: they expire)  > Exceptions > Fill the address of our web sites:  or you can also fill with our web site IP:   then Click OK  Please fill one by one, click Allow to input the address to the table  > Close > OK

Quit the browser and open again to make the change take affect.

  • How to register

1) As we are using new web site technology, to increase security and to have more features, it is important for every one who wish to use the meditation room need to be a registered member of the new web site. So, everyone need to register again. No more room password is required. The only password needed now is your own login password. First, you need to create a valid user name before you register. Please see the next guide below on how to create a valid user name. You may need also to download and read User Name Regulation file as in the attachment in the lower part of this page. You also need to prepare your login password (individual password) and please record safely. With new web site technology we are using, there is a feature to reset your password in case you lost it. For this purpose, your valid active email address is importantly required.

2) Please look at the left column of this web site and click Create new account menu to create a new account. Please fill 3 kind of information required: Login Information, Personal Information and Workshop Information. Each information field is very straight forward and self explanatory. For more information, please read also the small explanation notes under every field you need to fill.

3) Before you submit the information, you need to fill the CAPTCHA field as a way to prevent spam to the web site. It is a very simple mathematical calculation. Then click Create new account button.

As the registration processes utilize mostly e-mail communication between your email and admin email, please make sure your spam or junk mail protection systems do not block any email from the admin, that is [email protected]

4) You will then receive the first email sent by room admin (system) to notify you that your registration is currently pending and waiting for approval by the admin. Please check your junk mail folder as email from the room admin may go to that folder. The Subject of the email looks like: Account Registration Status: PENDING admin approval. No need to reply to this email, Just wait for the next notification of approval email. The email also informs you that the username you use during registration may be changed by Admin in case you did not follow the user name regulation. If you did not receive any email after your registration and you already check your junk mail folder, then the possible reason is you miss-entered your email address. In that case, please register again with valid email address. Please note that you can not register the same email address for more than one account. Every acount you created need 1 unique email address.

5) Admin will review your information you supply during registration process. It is very important to fill the data properly and follow all the rules to avoid delay in approval processes, especially about valid user name that is important for the admin to use in helping you with your user name related enquiry in the future.

The second email you will receive from room admin is the approval email. The subject is: Your registration at Open-Your-Heart (APPROVED). Inside the email, you will find one-time login link. Accessing that link will bring you to your account area where you can see your valid login user name and menu where you can set your login password. Please write down your valid login user name and password.

In case you never receive approval e-mail notification (the second email) from admin, after 2 days of your registration day, please use Request new password facility to get your new activation link. Please use your valid email address you use during registration. Do not use your user name you created during registration as that one may be changed already by Admin.

6) Once the approval process is finalized, you can use your login user name and password to login to the web site. Once log in, you can see all menus for registered users. On the left column is all the navigation menu and all meditation rooms you are entitled to join based on your workshop/retreat levels. Once you click 1 of the room you want to join, pop up window will appear to bring you to the meditation room. Just click to enter the room without any room password needed anymore.

7) For more help, you may need to read some How-To files that you can download from the attachment part in the lower part of this page. There is file on how to register and reset password. There is also file on how to access the meditation room and forum and file about User Name Regulation. For more information on the chat room feature and facility, please visit:

  • How to reset/request a new login password

There are 3 simple steps to reset your lost login password or to request new password in case you do not receive any approval email from the admin.

1) Click Request new password

2) Enter your e-mail address you use during registration process, fill the CAPTCHA (Math question field) if any and then click  E-mail new password button. You will then see the next page with message: Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address.

Please do not fill the user name and password field on the next page that appear after you click E-mail new password button. Just go to your mail box to find new email from the admin.

3) Open your mail box to find e-mail from the admin containing an activation link to set your new password. Do not forget to check the email from admin in your junk/spam mail folder. Follow the activation link (click directly or copy and paste to your browser) and you can see your account information and set your new password.

  • How to create a valid user name

The main purpose of valid user name is to help identifying your self in new web site data base system so to ease future user name related enquiry. Additional purpose is to help identifying your self amongst other alumni all over the world easier.

As has been used so far, the valid user name consists of 3 major parts and each part is separated by dot (.) not underscore nor minus sign anymore. The use of dot (.) will save more space to display user name better as the available space is very limited. Those 3 major parts are:

1) Abbreviation of your Country name consists of 2 capital letters. These 2 capital letters are taken from Top Level Domain (TLD) of your country internet code.  You can see the list when you register, in personal information section.

2) Abbreviation of your city (consists of 3 letters, the first one is capital letter) or state or province name (consists of 2 capital letters).  When you register, you need to suggest this abbreviation. You use your state or province name when you are staying in big country like USA and Canada where alumni location is distributed in many smaller cities. You use your city name when you stay in the country where most alumni are concentrated in 1 city like in Indonesia and other countries.  When your city and country name are the same like Singapore, you can use only Country abbreviation without City abbreviation.

3) Part of your real name. Please DO NOT use aliases or word(s) that is not part of your real name. Admin will change your login user name to use word(s) from your real name. You can not change your user name once it is approved by admin.

Examples: Amir Baraja in Jakarta Indonesia will have valid user name: ID.Jkt.AmirB   Barry Smith in Ontario Province, Canada will use CA.ON.BarryS and David Crown in New York State,USA will use US.NY.DavidC  If you use the computer together with your partner, husband or wife you can use for example: US.NC.Ed-Paramjit meaning Ed and Paramjit in North Carolina, USA. Please do not use ~ sign between names as that is considered as an illegal characters in the data base system.

Please note that the maximum number of characters in username is 32 characters, but inside the meditation room only 16 first characters will be displayed. Even though username is not case sensitive when you use it to login, when you create one during registration process, please follow the guideline above regarding capital letters to avoid delay.

  • What to do before joining the room and during meditation

Before entering the room, it is very useful and wonderful to do steps to be within your heart or within The Love within your heart, according to your level of workshop you have attended.

During the meditation inside the room, it is very wonderful if you are letting The Love help you to always be as Divine Instrument of Love.


  • Some Tips :)

  • Please download and read some tips files below.